Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pinoy Reading Challenge 2012

August is just around the corner. For us Filipinos, we also know August as our "Buwan ng Wika". As such, it's just fitting that this month will be dedicated to anything and everything Filipino; Literature included.

I have to admit that I am not fond of reading Filipino literature. Somehow I made myself believe that it is reading material meant only for school work. I guess it stems from the fact that the only Filipino literature I've read are all assigned school work. Now, I find myself in need to change this aversion for Filipino literature.

If you know me, you'd know I love challenges. So, to motivate me into reading Filipino literature, I've decided to create a reading challenge revolving only Filipino literature.

"Filipino Literature refers to works written by Filipinos; whether it's written in the vernacular or not."
I'm not a fast reader. But I do know that some of you are. So, I'm setting challenge levels for this.

Level 1, Tampisaw (Wade): Finish 2 Pinoy Lit in the month of August.

Level 2, Lutang (Float): Finish 5 Pinoy Lit in the month of August.

Level 3, Langoy (Swim): Finish 10 Pinoy Lit in the month of August.

Level 4, Sisid (Swim under water): Finish 20 Pinoy Lit in the month of August.

Level 5, Lunod (Drown): Finish 40 Pinoy Lit in the month of August.

As a bonus, participants who read 10 Pinoy Lit written in the vernacular will be given the Makata Achievement Award.

The only rule for choosing reading material for this challenge is that the author should be Filipino. You may read a novel, a collection of short stories, a collection of poems, a graphic novel, a pocketbook, etc. It may be a work published locally or internationally. Your choice. Just read Filipino.

If you are interested to join, please leave a comment stating:
1. your target challenge level
2. the link to your blog post declaring your participation in the challenge
3. the link to your challenge progress page

I hope you encourage others to join this challenge by providing a link to this post. I will provide buttons for this challenge soon.

Note: Non-Filipinos are also encouraged to join the challenge.

Resource: Filipino Authors and their Works

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