Monday, July 16, 2012

Coming Soon: The Pinoy Reading Challenge 2012

Here in the Philippines we dedicate the month of August for our national language. We call it "Buwan ng Wika". I think it would be apt to dedicate the whole month of August to reading any of the following:

1. books written in Filipino
2. books written by Filipino authors
3. books published in the Philippines

Just a thought. This just sprang to mind now since we are starting the second half of July. My objectives in starting this challenge is:
1. to support the Filipino writers and publishers
2. to provide a venue of solidarity in being Pinoy
3. to expose(or even introduce) readers to Pinoy literature

... at least for one month.

I'll be posting more about this before the month of August. For now, if you are interested in joining me in this challenge please follow me and/or leave a comment. Also, start listing the books that you'd want to read for this challenge.

Note: This challenge is not only for Filipinos.  ;p

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