Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm Back

Just like anybody, I do hate excuses. As such, I'm not going to waste this post by giving you excuses to explain my very long absence. It's easy to say that I got too caught up in work... which is true. But then, saying that would mean I'm more committed to my work than to my personal projects... this blog included. 

Truth is, for the past 2 months, I've been super-stressed with too much work. I've discovered that part of the stress comes from the fact that I no longer have that much needed "me" time. I no longer get to spend an hour or two reading a book while enjoying my venti soy latte or milk tea. I no longer have my Sunday afternoons scouring Booksale branches for award winning finds. I no longer get to interact with people with the same passion for reading.

It's time I put an end to that. Bottomline is reading books and talking about them makes me happy. Sharing my thoughts makes me happy. Sharing my finds makes me happy. Having friends who enthusiastically share their thoughts on books makes me happy.

So, here I am. Again making a promise to myself that I will set aside at least 30 minutes of everyday to the simple joy of reading.

I'm back my friends. Please forgive me for the long absence.