Monday, March 05, 2012

Suze Orman: Tough love girlfriend!

As you know, I just created my Twitter account last week. One of the people I admire, Maria Ressa, is on Twitter and I am following her there. Today she posted a link to an article written by Panjee Tapales. The link lead me to the Rappler article Suze Orman: Tough love girlfriend!

It is a feature article on Orman's 2-hour talk on financial health in her recent visit here in Manila. Through this article, it is brought to our consciousness that the financial situation we are in was brought about by our attitude towards money. The article mentions that fear, anger, and shame are the 3 main obstacles for financial success. Not quite what I expected to learn when reading about finances. But, the article rings true and is worth reading; whether you are in a financial rut or not. I won't spoil your reading pleasure by re-hashing the article here. But, I do hope that you visit Rappler and read Panjee's article.

Here's to an abundant outlook in life.

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