Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wordpress or Blogger?

I started my wordpress book blog last year. But, admittedly I don't think I was serious enough in approached blogging as an occasional just-when-I-have-free-time hobby. Last week, I went out for coffee with some of my successful blogger friends and all of them were in agreement that to have a successful blog you have to approach it as a career.

Yes, the nature of the blog itself should stem from what you love to do. Be it cooking, fashion, reading, making money, or whatever it is that strikes your fancy. The content of the blog would be coming from this passion. But, for you to have a successful blog, you also have to approach sharing and writing about your hobbies and interests with an equal amount of passion.

Now, this is not a post about how to have a successful blog. It would be stupid to write about something that I am clearly not an authority or expert of. This post is basically me sharing my experience in using Wordpress and blogger.

I've just been using blogger since February 9, 2012, and so far I could pretty much say that I find it faster in loading. Plus, it has Google friend connect making it easier to follow blogs of friends. And hopefully by doing so, it also makes it easier to get followers. For the latter, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I honestly don't know if I could add this feature in Wordpress. I don't see it any of my friends' blogs. At least those who prefer Wordpress over Blogger.

Google reader is built in on your blogger homepage. It's pretty hard to miss a post made by a friend you are following. As for Wordpress, you have to click on the link of the blogs you follow. Now, this is a serious drawback if your Internet provider is slow and it takes a while for pages to load.

Searching the net, I could see a lot of people prefer Wordpress. Most of them gushing about it's customizability.

But, I'm still not sure which one is better. For now, as an experiment, I'll be keeping both blogs and see what happens.

Dear reader, I hope you follow both or the one you prefer. Either way, I'll be posting the same articles... Well, at least starting from yesterday's post.

Oh... Please feel free to share your thoughts on this by adding your comments. I'd like to know your opinion on the Wordpress vs. Blogger issue.

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