Friday, February 17, 2012

Rant: T.U.L. Bummer

I spent almost my whole day yesterday creating The Ultimate List saving the list after adding a few Titles. To tell you honestly, I was kind of looking forward to pressing the Publish button  by the end of today.

Almost half-way through the list, after watching the American Idol replay and sleepy with allergy meds, I placed my laptop on sleep mode. Yes, of course, I too went to sleep mode.

No reading yesterday, except for that one hour prior to the idea of the Ultimate List. Sorry, Richard Yates. Revolutionary Road is an easy fast read. But, when an idea hits me, it's pretty hard to concentrate on reading. Putting the idea into action takes priority in eating up my leisure time.

So, I wake up today, went back to my laptop with the list staring back at me. Before, I continuing with the list, I decided to check my Facebook. Facebook being my usual company during breakfast. While doing this, my browser crashed.

My thought bubble was, "Don't worry. Blogger has auto-save. Your work is safe." Well, I was wrong. Nothing was saved.

Does this discourage me from doing the list? Hell, NO! I'll just re-start, publish an incomplete list and update it until the list is complete. That's the plan. If you happen to see the tab for the list and click on it, please know that you might be looking at an incomplete list.

QUALITIES I NEED TODAY: Determination and Focus


  1. What? I couldn't believe that it wasn't auto-saved. But our love for lists wouldn't stop us, right? :)

    1. I know. Looking at my page list, I did see a blank box. Maybe that's where the page should have been. But, I don't really mind a do-over. It helps me remember titles and authors. Somehow, this makes it easier to pick books in Booksale.

  2. Oh man, what a bummer. Wonder why it didn't auto save though. HHMMMM. Glad you weren't discouraged though. :)

    I was tagged in a question event and in turn have decided to tag you too. If you don't participate or don't want to, no worries, I won't take it to heart. ;-) I know we are all busy with reading and blogging as it is. I just thought it was a fun different thing to do on my blog, so when I was tagged I decided...why not. LOL!

    "rules" are in my post:

    1. Thanks Angie. Having blogging friends like you keep me inspired to continue my projects. As for the activity you tagged me in, I wanted to join, but I don't have enough followers to tag as of yet. So, forgive me if I'm going to pass on this one. Sorry.