Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm on Twitter

I've been locked out of my Twitter account for the past year and I've been trying to create a new Twitter account. But, I keep on getting a message that I am currently not allowed to create to do that, I was using my Macbook in these attempts.

Today, while trying to organize my iPod Touch, I discovered that I have the Twitter App installed and that I could access my old account through it. Nice.

On a whim, I logged on Safari using my iPod Touch and tried creating a new Twitter account for Kikay Reader. My fingers were black and blue just because I was crossing them so hard. Hahaha... To make the long story short, the attempt was 100% successful. Now, picture my jumping up and down and doing the happy-happy-joy-joy dance.

I'm so happy, I could die!

I take that back. I don't want to die. I want to tweet.

See you online my peeps! ;p

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Book Review: Three Junes by Julia Glass

Summary from Bookbrowse:

Three Junes is a vividly textured symphonic novel set on both sides of the Atlantic during three fateful summers in the lives of a Scottish family. In June of 1989, Paul McLeod, the recently widowed patriarch, becomes infatuated with a young American artist while traveling through Greece and is compelled to relive the secret sorrows of his marriage. Six years later, Paul's death reunites his sons at Tealing, their idyllic childhood home, where Fenno, the eldest, faces a choice that puts him at the center of his family's future. A lovable, slightly repressed gay man, Fenno leads the life of an aloof expatriate in the West Village, running a shop filled with books and birdwatching gear. He believes himself safe from all emotional entanglements--until a worldly neighbor presents him with an extraordinary gift and a seductive photographer makes him an unwitting subject. Each man draws Fenno into territories of the heart he has never braved before, leading him toward an almost unbearable loss that will reveal to him the nature of love.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Rant: T.U.L. Bummer

I spent almost my whole day yesterday creating The Ultimate List saving the list after adding a few Titles. To tell you honestly, I was kind of looking forward to pressing the Publish button  by the end of today.

Almost half-way through the list, after watching the American Idol replay and sleepy with allergy meds, I placed my laptop on sleep mode. Yes, of course, I too went to sleep mode.

No reading yesterday, except for that one hour prior to the idea of the Ultimate List. Sorry, Richard Yates. Revolutionary Road is an easy fast read. But, when an idea hits me, it's pretty hard to concentrate on reading. Putting the idea into action takes priority in eating up my leisure time.

So, I wake up today, went back to my laptop with the list staring back at me. Before, I continuing with the list, I decided to check my Facebook. Facebook being my usual company during breakfast. While doing this, my browser crashed.

My thought bubble was, "Don't worry. Blogger has auto-save. Your work is safe." Well, I was wrong. Nothing was saved.

Does this discourage me from doing the list? Hell, NO! I'll just re-start, publish an incomplete list and update it until the list is complete. That's the plan. If you happen to see the tab for the list and click on it, please know that you might be looking at an incomplete list.

QUALITIES I NEED TODAY: Determination and Focus

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Ultimate List

Last year, around May, I joined the Goodreads - The Filipino Club (TFG). I've noticed that most of my friends from this group are following reading lists. Up to that point, I didn't know they existed. The only list I am familiar with are the best-seller lists that bookstores display to entice us to buy the most popular books.

It was through TFG that I first heard of the 1001 Books To Read Before You Die, the Man Booker Price, Pen/Faulkner List, Pulitzer List, and National Book Awards List. This got me curious as to what other lists are out there. So, just like anyone with a computer and limited internet access, I googled for information.  Aside from the above mentioned lists, I found the Nebula Awards list, the Modern Library Top 100 list, and of course the Oprah Book Club list.

Being an avid reader of Fantasy, the Nebula list was the one that piqued my interest. But, then again, if I read only those books I just might get sick of reading fantasy and decide that it's not my favorite after all.

Since, I am reading a lot lately (As opposed to my usual 10 books or less a year), I've decided to stretch myself and go beyond what is comfortable to read. As such, books from all these lists, plus TFG's very own Top 100 books, will be added to my reading schedule.

If you are OC like me, you'd cross out the books from each list once you've read them. But somehow it's quite difficult to remember from which list the book came from if your following many lists. And you end up wasting time trying to look for the title just to cross it out. Thus, the birth of THE ULTIMATE LIST. What is it exactly? It's a compilation of the titles from all the lists I am trying to follow.

I'm dedicating a page for this. Watch out for it in the next few weeks.

Oh... Don't worry. I do not intend to read all of the books in the list. I'm not that crazy. Besides, I still want to read YA, Romance, and Non-fiction books. Plus, I do have other interests and a life apart from reading.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Book Review: Japan Took the J.A.P. Out of Me

Japan Took the J.A.P. Out of Me is a memoir written by Lisa Fineberg Cook. I stumbled upon this book in one of my spontaneous Booksale hunting whims. For those not in the know, Booksale is the haven for bibliophiles on a budget. It is a place where the persistent bargain hunter will be rewarded with Php10-finds. Japan Took the J.A.P. Out of Me is not one of those Php10-finds.

As far as I can remember, I've been obsessed with anything Japanese. Just the mere mention of the word puts my antennae stand up on attention. Oh... and a somewhat recent romance with someone of half-Japanese decent who recently moved to Japan for good somehow ups my interest for this book. Part of me is wishing I was the offered marriage and asked to move to Japan. Hahaha... Crazy wishful-thinking.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Quick React: 2666

I just finished reading this book over lunch and my initial reaction is "Huh?"

Honestly, I don't really know how to go about reviewing this book because in my head I'm still waiting for that non-existent next page. Anyway, I would definitely be needing time to gather my thoughts and compose a readable review.

Bear with me while I do a lot of head-shaking that could probably put things in the proper perspective. Whoah... Huh?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm Joining the Off the Shelf 2012 Reading Challenge

Earlier today, I signed up for the Chunkster Reading Challenge. In that post I kind of made a confession that most of my TBR pile are chunkster books. But, just like any book addict, I am addicted to buying books. Most of them I forget to go back to when I see a book that I'm more interested in reading.

More than 3/4 of the books on my shelf have yet to be read. Some of them have pages that are beginning to yellow. Yikes. That's just wrong.

I came across Book Ardour's Off the Shelf Challenge and, just like the Chunkster Reading Challenge, this just might push me to slowly but surely narrow down my TBR pile.

And because my Goodreads challenge for this year is to read 48 books, I'm thinking that my Off the Shelf Challenge Level should be Making A Dint (30 books)

Challenge Timeframe: January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012

My Challenge Level: Making a Dint = 30 books

Oh... I don't think I need to add the Extra Challenge part. That would just be too much pressure for me.

I'm Joining the 2012 Chunkster Challenge

Last year, around May, I created a Goodreads account and challenged myself to read 40 books before 2011 ends. I barely made it but I did. This year, I'm challenging myself to read 48 books for Goodreads.

But, I wanted to challenge myself a little more. There are a lot of Reading challenges out there. But, the 2012 Chunkster Challenge caught my attention. Plus, I think this would not be an easy challenge. I mean I've been reading 2666 since January 3 and I still have around 200 pages to read. I've been procrastinating. There are days that I only read 10 pages. Eeeek...

Maybe joining the Chunkster Challenge would be motivation enough for me to read faster.

Wordpress or Blogger?

I started my wordpress book blog last year. But, admittedly I don't think I was serious enough in approached blogging as an occasional just-when-I-have-free-time hobby. Last week, I went out for coffee with some of my successful blogger friends and all of them were in agreement that to have a successful blog you have to approach it as a career.

Yes, the nature of the blog itself should stem from what you love to do. Be it cooking, fashion, reading, making money, or whatever it is that strikes your fancy. The content of the blog would be coming from this passion. But, for you to have a successful blog, you also have to approach sharing and writing about your hobbies and interests with an equal amount of passion.

Now, this is not a post about how to have a successful blog. It would be stupid to write about something that I am clearly not an authority or expert of. This post is basically me sharing my experience in using Wordpress and blogger.

I've just been using blogger since February 9, 2012, and so far I could pretty much say that I find it faster in loading. Plus, it has Google friend connect making it easier to follow blogs of friends. And hopefully by doing so, it also makes it easier to get followers. For the latter, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I honestly don't know if I could add this feature in Wordpress. I don't see it any of my friends' blogs. At least those who prefer Wordpress over Blogger.

Google reader is built in on your blogger homepage. It's pretty hard to miss a post made by a friend you are following. As for Wordpress, you have to click on the link of the blogs you follow. Now, this is a serious drawback if your Internet provider is slow and it takes a while for pages to load.

Searching the net, I could see a lot of people prefer Wordpress. Most of them gushing about it's customizability.

But, I'm still not sure which one is better. For now, as an experiment, I'll be keeping both blogs and see what happens.

Dear reader, I hope you follow both or the one you prefer. Either way, I'll be posting the same articles... Well, at least starting from yesterday's post.

Oh... Please feel free to share your thoughts on this by adding your comments. I'd like to know your opinion on the Wordpress vs. Blogger issue.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Book Review: The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant

Book Cover

When this book first came out in 2003, I was drawn to it because of the title. It brought me back to my College days, when one of my favorite professors was talking about a Botticelli painting of the same title. I did read the synopsis at the back of the book and even though it piqued my interest, not just my curiosity, I somehow ended up buying other books. 

Thursday, February 09, 2012

I Was Not Always a Reader

I just discovered my love for reading. Honestly, when I was younger, I wasn't much of a bibliophile. Just like other kids, I pent most of my afternoons either watching cartoons or playing street games. In pinoy terms, street games equate to patintero, syato, chinese garter, tumbang preso, taguan, langi't lupa, etc. Of course, there's also the non-running, not-so-physically challenging games of trump cards, dungeons and dragons, and gameboy.

By now, I'm sure you already have an idea of how old I am. But, anyway, my age doesn't really matter. I only shared that to show that I was not always a reader.

To tell you honestly, I've only discovered my love for books when I was around 13 years old. I'm usually picked-up late from school so I spent my afternoons doing homework in the library. Some days there's no homework and no schoolmates left to play or chat with and I'm left looking for something to do. That's when I discovered Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, the Bobbsey Twins, and Choose your own adventure.

Of course, when I reached High School, I was introduced to arts and photography. This kind of took my mind off of reading. My older sister, by this time, was reading a lot of historical romances and sweet dreams books. I tried reading them, but it did not keep my interest in reading.

By college, my reading list was limited to Engineering books and textbooks. Plus, I discovered cutting class, boys, and dating. You could pretty much guess that my fiction books were left to gather dust.

May 2011, I unintentionally rediscovered my love for reading. Never stopped reading since. Now, I want to share my thoughts about these books.

So here I am, starting a blog about books. And I hope that by doing so, I would inspire you to start reading too.